Gulden Draak

Packaging redesign

college project


The objective of the project was to redesign an existing beverage product packaging to better reflect companies values and personality with an accent on its individuality.


The individuality of the Belgian beer brand Gulden Draak was found in its historic background and Belgian folklore. Gulden Draak translates to golden dragon and was named after the golden dragon at the top of the belfry in Ghent. The packaging inspiration mainly came from the myths and novels of the medieval times, which are a big part of Belgian folklore.

gulden draak packaging redesign

Mike is a 45-year-old welder whose passion is biking. Every Friday he gets a couple bottles of beer and bikes to the outskirts of town with his pals. They love talking about their youth over the bottle of beer. In beer, Mike always looks for something new, exciting, thrilling—just like the bike ride. He is sure a beer has to have a distinct personality.

Target Market Persona
gulden draak packaging redesign gulden draak packaging redesign

There has also been developed a campaign to launch the new product design. The Legends of the King Arthur were used for the theme graphics. It helps to deliver the message which is offering the audience to follow their imagination and immerse into the new experience.

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