Color Me Rad

Festival Campaign

college project


Colour Me Rad is the annual festival of colour where you run a 5K marathon with your friends or team while getting yourself covered in colour powder.
The strategic focus of this year campaign is collaboration. Its goal is to target the market segment that doesn’t attend the event because they have nobody to go with. It encourages people to come to make new friends and collaborate. The goal has been reached through using a number of design principles as well as a strong and encouraging call to action.


The design solution was to express fun and excitement of the event through abstraction to make it distinct from the previous years’ ads and better appeal to the target market.

Similarity and close proximity of the elements create continuity and form a marathon trail, which makes up the number 2019. The graphic is adjusted to work in horizontal and vertical layouts to be suitable for all campaign expressions. All of the elements in the theme graphics are working as a unified composition reinforcing the strategic focus.

color me rad campaign

The following are proposed campaign expression that include a variety of formats and sizes to better showcase the application of the theme graphics.

color me rad campaign color me rad campaign color me rad campaign color me rad campaign

The campaign is effective because of it’s unique approach. Use of abstraction gives it a modern look while still translating fun and excitement of the event. The style and the design principles used make it appealing to the target market and meet the strategic focus. Finally, theme graphics are flexible enough to work with any type of campaign expressions.

Gulden Draak

packaging redesign

gulden draak packaging redesign