The Cake Decor Toolkit

In collaboration with Sam Giesbrecht

Brochure Website


The objective was rebranding and repositioning of the Booster Juice company by identifying the current brand perception issues and proposing a new logo design solution.


As the research showed, the primary customers’ concern with the brand was they considered the products unreasonably expensive. The solution was creating a self-expressing value the brand was lacking by replacing the childish look of the logo with the more mature one to better hit the target market.


The Fixed Navigation and the Anchor Tags allow for better user experience ensuring the easy access to the information. The navigation includes the Shop Now button to make it as easy as possible for the customer to switch to the main website and make a purchase.


One of the sections of the site is Instagram posts from the users of the product. It gives the site credibility by showing off people’s reviews as well as it encourages people to interact more by offering a discount for posting the photo.


The Materials section gives the company more respect and credibility by showing the non-harmful composition of the materials. A more strict dark blue colour is used to fit with the more technical and official theme of the section.

Call to Action

The colour gold is used consistently throughout the website to specifically show interactivity. Colour coding makes it easier to navigate for the user as it implies that anything that is gold is “clickable”.