College Project

UX App Design


Space is mindbogglingly enormous and it contains an endless number of things to study. It’s also constantly changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. With Stellar, you will never miss a shooting star ever again. With its approachable and user-friendly interface, anyone can become an expert of the sky above them. Stellar is a guide and a friend that helps you learn about constellations, stars, and comets. It also acts as a calendar to notify you about any events like Northern Lights or the Red Moon Eclipse happening nearby. It will encourage younger audience to get more interested in space by providing a real-life experience rather than a ton of text.


Stellar notifies a user when and where in their area a particular star, constellation, or eclipse can be seen. On the Home screen the app provides news to keep user up-to-date with the latest discoveries and achievements in the topic of space.


Stellar contains a calendar where a user can add and view different events that are happening that month.

Camera Finder

The app helps the user find a constellation, planet, or star through the camera view on their phone by the option of "Guides" and detects when the constellation has been found.


StarMap is an interactive component which is the main differentiation feature of the app. Once a user has found the star or constellation using their camera, it gets added to their personal StarMap, so they can view it later or share with others. Users can compete in how full their maps are. For instance, if tonight is the only night a particular star can be seen this year, ‘adding’ it to their StarMap will give the user points which will increase his/her level. The game becomes even more exciting when users aren’t from the same area, which encourages people to connect all over the globe and to learn together.


The name Stellar is based on the stars that the user will be able to learn about while using the app. It is also not too specific, which suggests there are more features and more learning experience available in the app as opposed to similar existing apps named just “The Moon Calendar” or “Eclipse”.


The dots represent the stars that are connected into a constellation to show letter “S”, reinforcing the name of the app. Connecting the dots also refers to connecting people around the Earth to participate in this fun and educational activity. The pink star symbolizes the intent of the app to encourage users to discover new things by filling their StarMaps and growing their personal knowledge about space.