College Project

Typeface Development


Istoria is a text typeface that is built to be used in body copy. Its name comes from the Russian name for ‘story’ or ‘history’. It is a legible typeface that honours the content rather than driving all the attention to itself and being distracting. This serif typeface has a fairly tall x-height, wide but elegant counters, low contrast, and serif terminals that help lead the eye to maximize reading speed. It is created to be used primarily for print and mostly for large blocks of body copy, such as books.


Another advantage of this font is it’s both legible when small, but still interesting when enlarged making it work well in both small and large sizes. This broadens the usage of the typeface to headers of the articles, logotypes and potentially one of the Kindle default system fonts for e-books.

The following are expressions that give a good idea of how flexible this typeface is in its applications.

As you can see the typeface works well with body copy as well as it looks elegant and impressive with the logotype.

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