College Project

Editorial & Product Development


Decade is a self-driven project that investigates what dictated change in American womenswear in the period of the XX century. It starts from the exploration and analysis of each decade and finishes with the creation of a fashion collection “Decade” which includes modernized garments from each decade.

Catalogue + Analysis



The series of two books is called “100 Years of Fashion Evolution”. The catalogue identifies different fashion periods in womenswear. It includes examples of clothing, accessories, textures and textiles that were common for those periods. It talks about what key elements defined those styles, who brought each into masses, and what countries were the trend setters.


The Analysis examines what caused changes in womenswear whether they were political, social, economical, or religious. It focuses on societal norms of that time, political situation in the leading fashion countries, women’s status in relation to labour, education, and entertainment. It looks at fashion through different prisms and compares how each of those aspects influenced what was worn in those time periods.


The packaging includes Catalogues, Analysis and a poster of the ’20s Flapper decade. The box represents a women’s corset–a symbol of traditional fashion rule ladies have had to follow for a long time to fit the norm of society. Opening the box equals freeing the woman by enlightening through the books and learning about these social issues.


Compositionally the decades have been divided into 10 sections. The layout features a large spread of the decade time + The Leading Designers of the Era in Catalogue (C) and Social Events in Analysis (A). The next spread gives a quick introduction with representation of the most notable style of the era, and lists (C) and explains (A) the fabrics and patterns that were popular during the decade.


Catalogue and Analysis have been divided by colour. The layout is kept the same, but the information and the images show another side of a pretty image that is projected in the Catalogue. Having the same layout, but changing the content and colour allows the reader to view the fashion trends through a new lens of events surrounding those trends. In the Analysis the reader is literally forced to take their pink glasses off (the colour of the Catalogue).

Dress + Marketing

Product Development


After examining the XX century and learning about the different styles and reasons behind them, the Decade brand started coming to life with creation of the dress inspired by the 1920s Flapper dress. The bigger idea was creating a collection of 10 designs for each decade. The Flapper dress is an example of the actual product that got produced. It is handmade and reflects the atmosphere of the era.


Despite being heavily inspired by the 1920s aesthetics, the dress is modernized to better fit the need of a XXI century woman. It is made of 95% polyester and 5% cotton which allows to have an easier time when putting the dress on and taking it off as it has no zipper. Stretchiness of the material also allows for easier movements when walking or dancing.

What comes with the dress

Brochure that showcases other 9 items in the collection
Set of Cards that are complementary to the brochure