Booster Juice

College Project



The objective was rebranding and repositioning of the Booster Juice company by identifying the current brand perception issues and proposing a new logo design solution.


As the research showed, the primary customers’ concern with the brand was they considered the products unreasonably expensive. The solution was creating a self-expressing value the brand was lacking by replacing the childish look of the logo with the more mature one to better hit the target market.

New Positioning Statement

“Booster Juice is a unique brand that combines fast service with healthy products. It offers a variety of fresh and organic foods and beverages on the go for all active and ambitious customers who want to feel good about their lifestyle.”


The typeface is less playful with the letters all sitting on a baseline instead of floating around. The corners have been rounded to make the logo more friendly, inviting and translate the idea of being accessible to the masses, which reflects company’s values.


Bright magenta and purple colours reflect active lifestyle and fast service valued by the brand. According to the competitive landscape, these colours aren’t commonly used in a smoothie industry which helps to differentiate the brand from competitors.


The b/w and knock-out versions show logo’s flexibility. Booster Juice uses a lot of colourful and delicious-looking imagery on their website and often in theit ads. So, it’s important that the shape is strong enough against a coloured background.


The graphic mark contains the name of the company and represents a straw and a blending process.

Including the name in the graphic lets it work on its own as shown on the cup and in the outdoor poster. While being inviting, the design is not too playful, so the business card still looks professional. It also showcases how the logo works in black and white.